Permatrack Destructible Asset Tag Labels Laser Printers 2 X 3.75 White 8/Sheet 8 Sheets Per Pack | 1 Pack of: 64

Sale price$71.61


Create your own security asset tags, barcode labels, equipment tags, property tags and nameplates with a laser printer.
Accurately record and monitor valuable assets such as electronics, equipment, tools, furniture, containers and more.
Print on demand and as many as you need, avoiding high minimum order quantities and long lead times.
Discourage theft or tamperingafter allowing 24 hours for the label to set, when removal is attempted, labels break apart in fragments and cannot be reapplied.
Durable material is chemical resistant and waterproof.
Customize with text, graphics, serialized numbers and barcodes with the free Avery Design & Print software with barcode generator.

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