Portable Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector 2.6 X 0.6 X 4.5 Black | Total Quantity: 1

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Royal Sovereign RCD-UVP Ultraviolet Portable Counterfeit Detector easily detects fake bills and ID's.
Includes a bill detection guide.
Ultraviolet light easily detects security thread on currency and holographic images on IDs.
Small enough to fit in your pocket, allowing you to carry it anywhere.
Makes detecting counterfeit bills and IDs a simple and quick process.
When presented with a questionable bill or ID, simply view the document through the viewing lens and press the button on the side to activate the UV light.
Check for either the glowing security threads and/or holographic images on IDs to prove the bill or IDs authenticity.
Authentic US bills come with a security thread that will glow a certain color when placed under the UV light.
UV detection guide that is located on the top of the unit will show you what color the strip will glow on $20, $50, and $100 bills.
The security thread will glow green on a 20 dollar bill, yellow on a 50 dollar bill, and red on a 100 dollar bill.
The strip will also glow on $5 and $10 bills.
All Royal Sovereign counterfeit detectors come equipped with a US security chart guide.
This guide will help you determine if a US bill is authentic or counterfeit by diagramming the location of the markings present on all genuinely minted US bills.

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