Quietsharp 6 Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener Ac-Powered 6.13" X 10.69" X 9" Blue | Total Quantity: 1

Stanley BostitchSKU: ESBOSEPS10HC

Sale price$74.71


Built for speed, longevity, versatility and power a perfect fit for a demanding school or office setting.
The sharpener features XHC hardened steel cutter technology for 70% faster sharpening and a 10x longer life, compared to single blade models.
Heavy-duty QuietSharp motor operates stall-free with normal use while thermal-overload protection increases motor life.
Tip Saver Technology prevents over sharpening and extends pencil life.
For safety, the MagnaSafe tamper-proof switch shuts the motor off when the large, easy-to-clean shavings receptacle is removed.
To accommodate the classroom, easily turn the pencil selector dial with one hand as you choose from the six pencil hole sizes.
Oversized base with suction cup feet provides extra stability.

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