Savogran Indoor Bright White Tile Grout 1 pt


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Remove at least 1/8 inch of old grout. loose particles, dirt and soap scumfrom joints. Scrub well with kitchen cleaner if necessary. Rinse and wipe dry. All surfaces must be clean. Press Tile Grout into joints with putty knife, finger or other clean tool. When grout has sets lightly, clean away excess grout with damp cloth. Polish tile faces with dry cloth. Tile Grout may be dry to the touch quickly. High humidity and/or low temperatures may increasethe curing time. To use Tile Grout as a cement, spread a 1/8 inch thick layer on back oftile piece and press into place. Tile Grout can be sealed, but waittwo to three weeks before sealing. Clean tools with water. Replace lidt ightly. Do not freeze. Close container after each use.

  • Brand Name: Savogran
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
  • Color: Bright White
  • Product Type: Tile Grout
  • Container Size: 1 pt
  • Clean Up: Soap and Water
  • Recommended Surface: Ceramic and Mosaic Tile
  • Mildew Resistant: Yes
  • Color Family: White
  • Packaging Type: Tub
  • Ready to Use: Yes
  • Dry Time: 6 hr
  • Stain Resistant: Yes
  • Maximum Joint Width: 1/8 in.
  • Commercial or Residential: Commercial and Residential

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