Showa Atlas Unisex Indoor/Outdoor Chemical Gloves Orange XXL 1 pair

Sale price$26.37


Strong Yet Extremely Soft And Flexible, Atlas 620 Is A Durable, Double-Dipped Medium Weight Pvc Glove That Ensures Grip And Provides Liquid-Proof Protection. Combines Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Secure Grip And High Resistance To Common Acids, Bases And Solvents. Liquid Proof And Chemical Resistant Strong, Yet Extremely Soft And Flexible.

A Flexible, Soft Glove That Absorbs Perspiration, For Ultra Comfortable Extended Wear And With Good Mechanical Resistance
Seals And Protects The Hand Against Chemicals While Remaining Flexible
Impermeable For Working In Damp Or Greasy Environments, Enabling You To Grip Objects Securely
Surface Provides Tactile Feel And Better Grip
Designed For Easy Movement And Continuous Wear

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