Sioux Chief ProCheck Solvent weld PVC Swing Valve

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Brand Name: Sioux Chief
Sub Brand: ProCheck
End 1 Diameter: 4 in.
Connection Type: Solvent weld
Material: PVC
Valve Type: Swing
Product Type: PVC Backwater Value
End 2 Diameter: 4 in.
Valve Outlet Diameter: 4 in.
End 2 Type: Hub
Maximum Temperature: 72
End 3 Diameter: N/A in.
End 1 Type: Hub
Packaging Type: Bulk
Average Lead Content: Lead-Free
Push to Connect: No
Application: Preventing Back Flow
Sioux Chief 869 series ProCheck backwater valves shall be used where necessary in drainage s ystems. Backwater valve s hall be installed in h orizontal drainage l ines to reduce or prevent da mage to dwelling from se wage backup. Backwater va lve shall have a stepped des ign to provide adequate fal l through the valve body and encourage fl ow. Flap per shall install into valv e body via removable carr ier, which utilizes key-t o-slot fi t to ensure prope r alignment. Flapper shall have a perma nent, one-piece sealin g surface, and allow unrest ricted, unidirectional fl ow. Valve body shall be sealed by an impact/solvent resista nt lid with o-ring. Backwat er valve shall be adaptabl e to either shallow or deep- bury installations and be d

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