Super Sprouter Hydroponics Heat Mat Thermostat


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The Super Sprouter Digital Heat Mat Thermostat electronically controls the Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat, allowing gardeners to dial in and maintain optimal rooting temperatures. This thermostat lets you program in excellent temperature conditions for growing seedlings faster. To get growing, stick probe into the soil about 1.5 inch. Plug your seedling heat mat into the thermostat, then plug the thermostat into a secure wall outlet away from water. Turn on thermostat and set to desired growing temperature. The Super Sprouter Digital Heat Mat Thermostat has a temperature control range of 68-108 F. If it is on for more than 4 hours while connected to the heat mat and your desired temperature cannot be reached, cover seedling tray with a humidity dome or use an insulated surface to achieve and maintain higher temperatures. Use the Super Sprouter Digital Heat Mat Thermostat with all Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mats or other heat mats.

  • Brand Name: Super Sprouter
  • Product Type: Hydroponics Heat Mat Thermostat

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