Sweet-Seed Sweet-Nectar Hummingbird Sucrose Nectar 8.5 oz

Sweet-Seed, LLCSKU: 8054013

Sale price$25.94


Our FDA compliant, BPA-free, eco-fresh bag provides up to an 85 percent reduced carbon footprint over more traditional packaging. Our ready-to-use formula takes all the hassle out of feeding your hummers and is made from the same ingredients as our popular hummingbird nectar concentrates. Just pour straight from the bag into any hummingbird feeder and enjoy.

  • Brand Name: Sweet-Seed
  • Sub Brand: Sweet-Nectar
  • Bird Type: Hummingbird
  • Primary Ingredient: Sucrose
  • Product Type: Nectar
  • Container Size: 8.5 oz
  • Packaging Type: Boxed

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