TangleFoot Tree Insect Barrier Paste For Variety of Insects 15 oz.

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Tanglefoot Tree Insect Barrier Repellent
Sub Brand: Tree Insect Barrier
Organic: Yes
Product Type: Insect Repellent
Pest Type: Variety of Insects
Container Size: 15 oz.
Active Ingredient: Natural Gum Resins
Ready to Use: Yes
Product Form: Paste
Weatherproof and non-toxic to humans, pets and the
environment OMRI listed
Effective against long list of nasty pests including: gypsy moths, cankerworms, pecan and root weevils, ants tent and army caterpillars, tussock moths, webworms, black vine weevils, and
climbing cutworms Sticky p aste made from natural gum r esins, vegetable oil and w ax applied as a continuous b and around the trunks of s hade trees, plants or vines t hat provide a barrier a gainst destructive climbing i
nsects Does not contain D EET

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