Testors White Spray Chalk 6 oz.

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Testors Spray Chalk White 6 oz.
Product Type: Spray Chalk
Color: White
Container Size: 6 oz.
Suitable for creative temporary chalk designs on many surfaces including grass, snow, asphalt, concrete, glass and more
Each can in kit covers up
to 80 linear ft. Instantly turns to a powder sidewalk chalk look as it sprays from
can Non-toxic temporary decorative chalk spray washes away over time and is safe for use around people,
pets and plants Spray with comfort tip makes it easy use to unleash creativity and make a temporary masterpiece, sign or other
markings Instantly create holiday decor, signs or playing fields, spray over stencils, write on glass or create your own custom colors by layering while wet
Outdoor fun any season and
any time of year Temporary, washes away over time naturally with water
Product may take longer to wash off certain surfaces including asphalt or trees, to speed removal process use garden hose, soap and/or
stiff bristle broom Clean u p any unwanted marks with s oap and water

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