Tri Test Counterfeit Bill Detector UV With Pen 7 X 4 X 2 1/2 | Total Quantity: 1

Dri-Mark ProductsSKU: ESDRI351TRI

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Multifunction machine uses the latest in ultraviolet LED technology to provide the ultimate in security against counterfeit currency including washed bills.
Detects the UV sensitive security thread in U.
currency in denominations of $5 and larger.
Use the original Counterfeit Detector Pen to test the paper, the UV LEDs to reveal the UV security thread, and backlight the bill with the white LEDs to reveal watermarks and micro-printing.
Versatile unit also authenticates driver's licenses, passports, international currencies, credit cards, cashier's checks and more.
A powerful, compact, portable and affordable solution for any point of sale application.
Great for bars and restaurants that check IDs and payment methods.
LEDs last for years and are powered by three C batteries or the optional AC adapter (both sold separately).

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