Waterless Surgical Scrub Gel Hand Sanitizer 1200 Ml Refill Bottle For Tfx Dispenser 4/Carton | 1 Carton of: 4


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PURELL Waterless Surgical Scrub is designed to meet and exceed FDA surgical scrub requirements without the addition of harsh ingredients that can cause skin damage.
Our advanced alcohol formulation provides the instant germ kill and persistent activity critical to the surgical environment.
Further, our skin conditioners help to keep your surgical staff's skin feeling smoother.
It requires only two applications and dries quickly.
Compatible with latex, neoprene, and polyisoprene gloves.
Includes five skin conditioners that help maintain healthy skin.
SMART-FLEX bottle design uses 30% less material than HDPE.
Removable pump for easier recycling, SANITARY SEALED refill helps prevent contamination.

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