Weller Lead-Free Rope Cutting Tip Copper

WELLERSKU: 2486728

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* Tip for the Weller 8200 Soldering Gun used for cutting rope or nylon sleeving that is used for cable building and other applications. Heated edge allows rope or braided sleeving to be cut without fraying. Tip Width O/D 1.385 in./35.18 mm. Reach/Length 1.66 in./42.16 mm. *

  • Brand Name: Weller
  • Lead-Free: Yes
  • Product Type: Rope Cutting Tip
  • Material: Copper
  • Water-Soluble: No
  • Tinning: Yes
  • Suitable for Electrical Use: Yes
  • Also for Weller Consumer Soldering Guns Models: 8200, D550 and D650

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