AgroThrive Organic Everything that Grows 3-3-2 General Purpose Fertilizer 2.5 gal


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AgroThrive has produced over 13 million of liquid organic fertilizer for the largest certified organic farms in California and beyond. We are now packaging our most popular, National Organic Program compliant, liquid organic fertilizer for ACE home gardeners ACE customers will be able to use the same fertilizer their store bought fruits and veggies are grown on in their home gardens. General Purpose Fertilizer is a nutrient rich organic bio-fertilizer that feeds and protects plants by providing a wide array macro and micro nutrients, plant beneficial microbes and by feeding beneficial microbes that are already in soil. The results are: vigorous root and foliar growth, improved disease resistance and higher yields. General Purpose organic fertilizer is formulated for Everything that Grows. AgroThrive liquid organic fertilizers can be used for cuttings, foliar feedings, soil drench, vegetation, flowers, hydroponics, greenhouse, soil and other media. We believe the future of food production and home gardening lies in reducing reliance on pesticides and chemical fertilizers, increasing organic inputs and responsible environmental stewardship.

  • Brand Name: AgroThrive
  • Organic: Yes
  • Plant Name: Everything that Grows
  • Fertilizer Analysis (N-P-K): 3-3-2
  • Product Type: General Purpose Fertilizer
  • Container Size: 2.5 gal
  • Packaging Type: Jug
  • Plant Type: All-Purpose
  • Product Form: Liquid Concentrate
  • Moisture Retention: Yes
  • Fertilizer Enriched: Yes
  • OMRI Certified: Yes
  • Longevity: 104 week
  • Product Form: Liquid

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