Marshalltown Braided Mason's Line 250 ft. Fluorescent Yellow


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MARSHALLTOWN Size 18 Braided Nylon Masons Line is perfect for masonry jobs and for the layout of general construction. The line will not unravel if struck by a trowel and is not affected by extreme moisture or dryness. MARSHALLTOWNs braided nylon masons line will not mildew and is designed to stay taut.

  • Brand Name: Marshalltown
  • Style: Braided
  • Product Type: Mason's Line
  • Line Length: 250 ft.
  • Line Color: Fluorescent Yellow
  • Line Material: #18 Nylon
  • Usage: Staking out sites, concrete and landscape layout and brick/block laying
  • Will not mildew
  • Will not unravel if struck by a trowel
  • Core Diameter: 6 in.

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