Weller Lead-Free Soldering Tip 0.25 in. D Copper 1 pc


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Chisel 6.4 mm Tip for WLIR80 Weller's Soldering Iron. The tip is easy to replace and is perfect for your electronic soldering tasks. Solder skillfully and confidently with Weller's 80W soldering iron with LED Halo ring or 80W power soldering iron.

  • Brand Name: Weller
  • Lead-Free: Yes
  • Product Type: Soldering Tip
  • Wire Diameter: 0.25 in.
  • Material: Copper
  • Number in Package: 1 pc
  • Length: 3 in.
  • Compatibility: WLIR8012A, WLIR8023C, WLIR8023G, WLIR8023I, WLIR8023M, WLIRK8012A, WLIRK8023C, WLIRK8023G, WLIRK8023I, WLIRK8023M, WLIRPK8012A, WLIRPK8023C, WLIRPK8023G, WLIRPK8023I, WLIRPK8023M, WLSK8012A, WLSK8023C, WLSK8023G and WLSK8023I
  • Water-Soluble: No
  • Tinning: Yes
  • Suitable for Electrical Use: Yes
  • Width: 6.4 mm
  • Tip Type: Chisel
  • Application: Join Wires (<4AWG), Heat Sink, Home Repairs, Grounding Modifications, Stained Glass and Automotive

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