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ACCELAROOT TRAY 50CELLJump Start Accelaroot Grow Tray with Plugs
PROPAGATION MAT 17 WHydrofarm Jump Start Propagation Mat 17 W
GROW LIGHT KIT 60WAgrosun Dayspot Grow Light Kit 60 W
PROPAGATION MAT 45 WHydrofarm Propagation Mat 45 W
PROPAGATION MAT 107 WHydrofarm Propagation Mat 107 W
JIFFY POTS 5" RND 6PKJiffy 5 in. H Peat Pot 6 pk
VENTED DOME 7.5"Hydrofarm Vented Dome 7.5 in.
HUMIDITY DOME 7"HSuper Sprouter Humidity Dome
JIFFY POTS 3" RND 10PKJiffy 3 in. H Peat Pot 10 pk
SEEDLING HEAT MAT 10X20"Super Sprouter Heat Mat
GROW GOURMET HERB KIT3PCAeroGarden Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit
JIFFY POTS 4" RND 6PKJiffy 4 in. H X 4 in. W Peat Pot 6 pk
INDOOR GROW SALAD KIT3PCAeroGarden Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit
INDOOR GARDEN KIT 3PCAeroGarden Indoor Gardening Seed Pod Kit

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