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AGROBRITE BULB 32W/64KAgrobrite Grow Light
AGROSUN Agrobrite Grow Light
Sale price$33.41
GRO PRO GROW BAG 5GALGro Pro Essential Grow Bag 5 gal
ACTIVE EYE LOUPE 30XHydrofarm Magnifying Tool
ACCELAROOT TRAY 50CELLJump Start Accelaroot Grow Tray with Plugs
PROPAGATION MAT 17 WHydrofarm Jump Start Propagation Mat 17 W
HYDROPONIC GROW SYSTEMAeroGarden Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics
MOIST LGT PH 3-WAY METERHydrofarm 3-Way Digital Moisture Meter
GROW LIGHT T5 24W 11"LFerry-Morse Grow Light 24 W
GROW LIGHT KIT 60WAgrosun Dayspot Grow Light Kit 60 W
TERRCRAFT POT SOIL 2CFMother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil 2 cu ft
FLORAGRO 1GALGeneral Hydroponics Nutrient System
PROPAGATION MAT 45 WHydrofarm Propagation Mat 45 W
MEASURING CUP 32OZHawthorne Measure Master Measuring Cup 32 oz
GROW TENT GROWLAB 63X24"GrowLab Grow Tent
Hawthorne GrowLab Grow Tent
Sale price$162.54
MEASURING CUP 500MLHydrofarm Measuring Cup 500 ml
PROPAGATION MAT 107 WHydrofarm Propagation Mat 107 W
JIFFY POTS 5" RND 6PKJiffy 5 in. H Peat Pot 6 pk
HYDROFARM Hydrofarm Pruner
Sale price$32.53
VENTED DOME 7.5"Hydrofarm Vented Dome 7.5 in.
CLAY PELLT HYDROTON 10LMother Earth Hydroton Clay Pebbles
GRADUATD MEASURE CUP 8OZHawthorne Measure Master Measuring Cup 8 oz
DGTL HEAT MAT THERMOSTATSuper Sprouter Digital Heat Mat Thermostat
HUMIDITY DOME 7"HSuper Sprouter Humidity Dome
COARSE PERLITE 4CUFTMother Earth Coarse Perlite
JIFFY POTS 3" RND 10PKJiffy 3 in. H Peat Pot 10 pk
SEEDLING HEAT MAT 10X20"Super Sprouter Heat Mat

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