Reliance Natural Gas Natural Gas Thermostat


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Reliance 400 series, 2 inch shank, electronic natural gas control valve, 4" w.c. (water column), thermostat powered by 750 millivolt generator, noticeable L-E-D indicator light blinks 1 time at 3 second intervals during normal operation, increased temperature control and accuracy, integral spark igniter, fits reliance standard 400 natural gas water heaters with electronic thermostat control.

  • Brand Name: Reliance
  • Water Heater Type: Natural Gas
  • Product Type: Natural Gas Thermostat
  • Packaging Type: Boxed
  • Maximum Temperature: 155 �F
  • Blinking L.E.D. Light
  • Use Only on Orignal Manufactured/Factory Reliance: Use Only on Orignal Manufactured/Factory Reliance Heater
  • 3/4" Male thread Fits Relaince Heater with 2" Cavity R16 Foam Insulation
  • Installed electronic Gas Control Valve with
  • Electronic Natural Gas Thermostat Control Valve

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