Glisten Tablet Garbage Disposal Freshener 10 pk


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Glisten� Disposer Care� Freshener delivers superior freshening performance compared to home remedies and other brands. Glisten reaches deep to rinse away the toughest grunge and foul garbage disposal smells while freshening your whole kitchen. Designed to clean and freshen your disposal between deep cleanings with Glisten� Disposer Care� Cleaner, its natural ingredient formula is tested safe for use in all disposals and drains.

  • Brand Name: Glisten
  • Product Form: Tablet
  • Product Type: Garbage Disposal Freshener
  • Container Size: 10 pk
  • Safe for Garbage Disposals: Yes
  • Protects Pipes from Corrosion: Yes
  • Safe for Septic Systems: Yes
  • Lemon scent
  • Rinses away foul odor

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