Briggs & Stratton Plastic Gas Can Spout


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The Briggs and Stratton Smart-Fill Replacement Spout makes fueling your equipment easy and clean. The EPA and CARB compliant spout includes a child safe cap and prevents fumes from escaping, as well as unnecessary spills. The operation of the Smart-Fill spout is a simple as Twist-Anchor-Push. Twist the green safety collar into the unlock position. Rest the convenient spout anchor on the lip of your fuel tank. Push down to start the flow of fuel. The spout auto-shuts off once you release your downward pressure preventing fuel and fumes from escaping. The Smart-Fill Replacement Spout fits most Briggs and Stratton and Wedco Gas, Diesel and Kerosene Gas Cans.

  • Brand Name: Briggs & Stratton
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Type: Gas Can Spout
  • Compatibility: Fits Briggs and Stratton/Wedco Branded Gas Cans

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