Ortho 2 gal Wand Battery Operated Tank Sprayer

ORTHOSKU: 7006228

Sale price$109.20


The Ortho battery-powered compressed-air 2 gal sprayer is designed to spray water soluble solutions, such as herbicides, pesticides and other liquid chemicals typically used for weed prevention, weed remediation, pest control, fertilizing and watering. This Sprayer uses an internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery to power an electric air compressor pump. Using Pump Zero Technologu, the pump is designed to provide a more convenient and more consistent alternative to standard manual pumps. It operates by pressurizing the air above the fluid in the tank, which causes the fluid to be pushed through the hose, to the nozzle and sprayed out.

  • Brand Name: Ortho
  • Capacity: 2 gal
  • Applicator Type: Wand
  • Product Type: Battery Operated Tank Sprayer
  • Adjustable Spray Tip: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year Limited Parts and Labor
  • White
  • Black

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