30 SECONDS Mold Killer 1 gal

30 SECONDSSKU: 7315047

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Kills lichen, moss and algae. Spray and Walk Away and let the water do the work for you. Can be used on a variety of outdoor surfaces including wood decks, painted surfaces, concrete walks and driveways, masonry, plastic furniture, etc. Bleach and phosphate free formula. Biodegradable. Neutral pH. Residential, commercial, industrial, community and governmental customer base. Depending on thickness of growth and porosity of the surface to be cleaned.

  • Brand Name: 30 SECONDS
  • Product Type: Mold Killer
  • Container Size: 1 gal
  • Packaging Type: Jug
  • Application: Outdoors
  • Contains Bleach: No
  • Active Ingredient: Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride 9.9%

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