Victor Snake-A-Way Animal Repellent Granules For Snakes 10 lb

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Victor 10 lb Snake Repelling Granules repel garter snakes, rattlesnakes, and other species from areas they are not wanted. This granular snake repellent is applied around the perimeter of the area you want to protect. Snake-A-Way is detected by the snakes Jacobsons Organ (auxiliary olfactory sense organ) and disrupts its sensory reception. This disorientation causes the snake to slither away in search of fresh air. Wearing gloves, apply the granules to the perimeter of the area that you want to be protected. Place bands 4-5 inches wide to repel garter snakes, 8-12 inches wide to repel rattlers. For yard application, sprinkle Snake-A-Way throughout the area within the perimeter. When odor becomes faint, simply reapply. This product contains naphthalene (7%) and sulfur (28%) as its active ingredients.

  • Brand Name: Victor
  • Sub Brand: Snake-A-Way
  • Product Type: Animal Repellent
  • Product Form: Granules
  • Animal Type: Snakes
  • Container Size: 10 lb
  • Ready to Use: Yes
  • Packaging Type: Bagged
  • Active Ingredient: Naphthalene and Sulfur
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Safe for Pets: No
  • Safe for Edibles: No

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