TIKI Bite Fighter Ready 2 Light Torch Fuel 12 oz

TIKISKU: 7201866

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The citronella and cedar formula of TIKI Brand Ready 2 Light BiteFighter Torch Fuel provides proven mosquito repellency. The convenient, prefilled canister fits most TIKI Brand torches and lasts up to 5 hours. Simply remove the cap, ensure 3/4 in. of wick shows at the top, place the canister in the torch, light and enjoy a fun backyard or patio experience with relaxing natural flame ambiance. When the canister is empty, dispose of and replace with a new TIKI Brand Ready 2 Light canister. TIKI Brand Ready 2 Light canisters are not refillable. Based on studies using CO2-emitting mosquito traps which demonstrated over 50% reduction in captured mosquitoes compared to untreated controls. Efficacy may be affected by weather conditions, torch placement and individual physical factors.

  • Brand Name: TIKI
  • Sub Brand: Bite Fighter
  • Oil Lamp Type: Ready 2 Light
  • Product Type: Torch Fuel
  • Container Size: 12 oz
  • Packaging Type: Can

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