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COPPER SWEAT HYDRANT 12"Arrowhead Brass 1/2 in. MPT Brass Wall Hydrant
FAUCET NO KINK3/4"F LFArrowhead Brass 3/4 in. FPT Brass Bibb
FAUCET NO KINK 3/4" M LFArrowhead Brass 3/4 in. MIP Hose Brass Bibb
BIBBHOSE3/4"LTHREADLFArrowhead Brass 3/4 in. MIP Hose Brass Hose Bibb
AIR VENT ASSEMBLYArrowhead Brass Air Vent Assembly
DRAINBOILER3/4M X 3/4HLFArrowhead Brass Boiler Drain
SILCOCKFLANGE3/4FM3/4HLFArrowhead Brass Brass Sillcock
LOOSE KEY HANDLEArrowhead Brass Loose Key Handle
OVAL HANDLE W/SCREW GRNArrowhead Brass Valve Handle
REPLCMNT STEM ASSMBLY10"Arrowhead Hot and Cold Stem Assembly
STEM ASSEMBLY 6"Arrowhead Hot and Cold Stem Assembly

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