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AVOCADO TOOL 4-IN-1Chef'n Avoquado Green Plastic 4 in 1 Avocado Tool
SLICER BANANA YEL PLSTCChef'n Bananza Yellow Plastic Banana Slicer
CORN STRIPPER YLWChef'n Cob Plastic/Stainless Steel Corn Stripper
SLICER AVOCADO DISPLAYChef'n Flexicado Green Plastic Avocado Slicer
CITRUS JUICER YELLOWChef'n FreshForce Yellow Plastic Citrus Juicer
KALE & GREENS STRIPPERChef'n LooseLeaf Green Plastic Greens Stripper
KALE & GREENS STRIPPERChef'n Looseleaf Green Plastic Kale and Greens Stripper
BRUSH VEGETABLE GRY/YLWChef'n Palmbrush Gray/Yellow Plastic Vegetable Brush
PEELER VEGETABLE CDUChef'n Palmpeeler Stainless Steel Peeler
ZESTER CITRUS GRN CDUChef'n Palmzester Green Plastic Citrus Zester
LID VACUUM BLU/WHTChef'n Quickler Blue/White Plastic Vacuum Lid
CHERRY PITTR/LID RED/WHTChef'n QuickPit Red Plastic Cherry Pitter/Jar
SLICER SNACK/VEGGIES GRNChef'n QuickStick Green Plastic Veggie Slicer
APPLE CORER/SLICER REDChef'n Red Plastic Apple Corer/Slicer
HERB FREEZR TRAY WHT/GRNChef'n SpiceCube Green Plastic Herb Freezer Tray
PREP TOOL CAULIFLOWR GRNChef'n StalkChop Green Plastic Cauliflower Prep Tool
MORTAR/PESTLE MRBL/SILIChef'n White/Gray Silicone Mortar and Pestle
HERB STRIPPER 3" GREENChef'n Zipstrip Green Plastic Fast Cut Herb Tool

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