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MECHANICAL 4WHEEL METERFill-Rite Aluminum 4-Wheel Mechanical Meter 40 gpm
NOZZLE FUEL 3/4" MANUALFill-Rite Aluminum Fuel Nozzle
AUTO NOZZLE 3/4"DIESELFill-Rite Aluminum Fuel Nozzle With Hook
MANUAL NOZZLE 1"Fill-Rite Aluminum Fuel Nozzle With Hook
PISTON HAND PUMP 20GPMFill-Rite Aluminum Piston Hand Pump 20 gpm
ROTARY HAND PUMP 7.5GPMFill-Rite Cast Iron Rotary Hand Pump 7.5 gpm
FUEL PUMP HOSE 3/4"X14'Fill-Rite Rubber Fuel Pump Hose
VENTED TANK CAP/BASEFill-Rite Steel Vented Tank Cap With Base

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