Ace 61 in. 19 Tine Steel Thatching Rake Fiberglass Handle


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The Ace thatch rake is a multipurpose lawn rake featuring a head with two differently designed rows of tines. The straight-edged tines are designed to clear dead grass clippings (thatch) from beneath the surface of the lawn. This will allow air, sunshine, water and fertilizers in to keep the grass healthy. The flared-edge tines break crusted soil and pulverize dirt lumps to help prepare it for planting or reseeding.

  • Brand Name: Ace
  • Overall Length: 61 in.
  • Number of Tines: 19 Tine
  • Tine Material: Steel
  • Product Type: Thatching Rake
  • Handle Material: Fiberglass Handle
  • Handle Length: 54 in.
  • Head Width: 14.25 in.
  • Comfort Grip: No
  • Telescoping Handle: No
  • No
  • Yes

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