Ace White Plastic Hair Snare Drain Cover

ACESKU: 4007573

Sale price$21.87


The Hair Catcher strainer and snare is a beautifully designed flower-shaped hair catcher that does a phenomenal job at keeping dirty tasks off your to-do list while adding style to your bathroom. Its white flower shape is equipped with tiny pegs that trap unwanted hair and debris along the silicone petals to protect the drain from getting clogged. It also is supported by a basket for even stronger defense! This tub drain strainer, hair catcher and snare will help keep your drains flowing freely, eliminating future clogs and saving you from another drive to the home maintenance store. It is easy to install and created from flexible PVC material for easy clean and long life.

  • Brand Name: Ace
  • Finish: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Type: Hair Snare Drain Cover
  • Diameter: 5 in.

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