Aloe Care Black Cat/Dog Comb 1 pk


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The Boss Pet 05064 is a deluxe pet comb. Though pet hair is pretty and fluffy, it can cause a variety of discomfort and skin issues if neglected. Without regular brushing, your pet would suffer from its hair matting. It loads them with extra weight, restricts movement and would pull on their skin. It would even lead to heat stress. Debris like sand and grass seeds can lead to infections and other diseases. Let's not even get started on fleas, ticks and mites. This small brush gives our pets a tangle-free and snarl-free coat. The comb smooths and distribute natural oil in your pet's fur for a healthy, natural shine. Its tough but lightweight design makes it durable and easy to use with a longer service life. This deluxe pet comb is made by Boss Pet, a trusted leader in the industry that integrates the finest components for high-quality pet goods.

  • Brand Name: Aloe Care
  • Color: Black
  • Animal Type: Cat/Dog
  • Product Type: Comb
  • Number in Package: 1 pk

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