Bernzomatic FirePoint Torch 1 pc


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The Bernzomatic FirePoint creator tool pairs the power of precision with the intensity of high heat to help you achieve truly unique creations. Ideal for projects requiring detailed work, this torch puts control in your hands and allows you to push the boundaries of your creativity with its durable design and adjustable, precision flame. It is thoughtfully designed for single-handed use with a versatile grip handle, auto-on/off ignition and a continuous flame lock option. The FirePoint creator tool comes equipped with a flexible fuel hose for maneuverability and a lightweight fuel stand to stabilize your 14 oz or 16 oz fuel cylinder while you work. The stand also has a built-in torch dock to safely and conveniently store the hot tool after switching off the flame. Use with Bernzomatic MAP-pro fuel for a higher heat output or Bernzomatic propane 14 oz or 16oz fuel. Discover the satisfaction of creating with fire.

  • Brand Name: Bernzomatic
  • Sub Brand: FirePoint
  • Product Type: Torch
  • Number in Package: 1 pc
  • Packaging Type: Boxed
  • Gas Type: MAPP/Propane

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