Blue Def Platinum Diesel Fuel System Cleaner 2.5 gal

Blue DefSKU: 8071965

Sale price$69.42


Blue Def Platinum with advance system shield technology reduces future deposits that build up in your diesel exhaust system through continual use. These deposits create back pressure which can increase fuel consumption and reduce engine power. Once residue collects, it cannot be removed and over time can lead to the costly replacement of your SCR system.

  • Brand Name: Blue Def
  • Sub Brand: Platinum
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Product Type: Fuel System Cleaner
  • Container Size: 2.5 gal
  • Packaging Type: Boxed
  • Appearance: Colorless, Clear Liquid
  • Boiling Point, �F: >212 �F
  • Freezing Point, �F: 12 �F
  • Odor: Not-Offensive
  • Water Solubility: 100

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