BulbHead Ruby Sliders 8 pk


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Furniture legs can be loud and cause damage to your hard floors and that can cost you a fortune. Protect your floors with Ruby Sliders, the new chair leg cover that protects your floors, prevents scratching and slides with ease without all the noise! Easily fit them snuggly over virtually any size furniture leg. They easily glide over your floors so you can move heavy furniture with ease! Ruby Sliders keeps your floors looking beautiful for years - guaranteed! In fact, Ruby Sliders glide so well over floors the child can move a heavy person sitting in a chair effortlessly. Your floors stay protected and wont scratch! Regular felt pads can wear down easily and fall off. But Ruby Sliders feature an ultra-tight, nano-weave material attached with industrial-strength adhesive to the cover. Theyre built to last! Ruby Sliders are super-flexible, making them perfect for any furniture leg size or shape, whether your furniture has fat legs, skinny legs, round or square. Ruby Sliders can help protect any type of floor from hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, carpet and more! They even help protect your cabinets from scratches while keeping your chair legs scuff-free.

  • Brand Name: BulbHead
  • Product Type: Ruby Sliders
  • Number in Package: 8 pk

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