Camco Slide Out Lube and Protectant 1 pk


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Camco's RV Slide Out Lube and Protectant helps protect and maintain your RV's slide-out. It helps reduce slide-rail friction, keeping your slide out mechanisms moving smoothly and freely. This protectant can also be used to lubricate and prevent corrosion on undercarriage parts, marine fittings and trailer hitches. The spray is specially formulated to leave a dry, non-greasy, moisture-repelling film that coats and seals to repel dirt and grime and protect against rust and corrosion. The formulation does not contain any chlorinated or fluorinated solvents and is fortified with PTFE. This product is rated for a minimum of 336 hours of continuous salt spray and 720 hours of 100% relative humidity.

  • Brand Name: Camco
  • Product Type: Slide Out Lube and Protectant
  • Number in Package: 1 pk
  • Packaging Type: Bulk

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