Celebrations Orange 100 ct LED Mini Halloween String Lights


Sale price$27.48


Take your Halloween lights to the next level with these 100 T5 Halloween Orange Strobe Light sets. Every fifth bulb flashes for a little something extra in your spooky decor. String along doorways, windows, bushes, or trees. Anywhere you choose, these lights will create the perfect spooky scene.

  • Brand Name: Celebrations
  • Bulb Color: Orange
  • Bulb Count: 100 ct
  • Power Type: LED
  • Design: Mini Halloween
  • Product Type: String Lights
  • Width: .25 in.
  • Length: 24.75 ft.
  • Light Features: Twinkling
  • Power Source: Plug-In
  • Bulb Type: Mini Lights

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