Dionis Goat Milk & Vanilla Bean Scent Hand Cream and Lip Balm 1.28 oz 2 pk

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Our rich hand cream & lip balm will nourish and condition your skin! The hand cream won't leave a greasy residue and our lip balm will repair and heel chapped, cracked lips. Our formula is packed with vitamins and minerals naturally found in Goat Milk. Goat milk is naturally enriched with high amounts of protein, fat, iron, vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and many more.

  • Brand Name: Dionis
  • Scent: Goat Milk & Vanilla Bean
  • Product Type: Hand Cream and Lip Balm
  • Container Size: 1.28 oz
  • Number in Package: 2 pk
  • UVA Protection: No
  • UVB Protection: No

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