Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap Bay Rum Scent Bar Soap 10 oz


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Occasionally, even the hardest working fellow could benefit from a slow day spent in flips flops, and beach loungers. But when a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta is not an option, Duke Cannon's Big Ass Brick of Bay Rum Soap provides a first-class ticket to a better summer scent. Unlike your Grandpa's Bay Rum, Duke Cannon's option is sunny and bright. Notes of citrus musk, cedarwood, and island spices form an invigorating blend that gives you the sense that you're somewhere slightly more relaxing than a cube or a shop floor.

  • Brand Name: Duke Cannon
  • Sub Brand: Big Ass Brick of Soap
  • Scent: Bay Rum
  • Antibacterial: No
  • Product Type: Bar Soap
  • Container Size: 10 oz
  • Number in Package: 1 pk
  • Packaging Type: Boxed

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