Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Scent Car Air Freshener 0.06 oz Liquid 2 pk


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Escape to the Pacific Islands with the lush, tropical scent of a hawaiian aloha Car vent clip. Make every commute smell a little bit like an odor-eliminating luau. Products are safe to use around children and pets. But when it comes to pet birds, their specialized lungs make them uniquely sensitive to what's in the air around them. We recommend moving your feathered friend to another room until the area has had time to properly ventilate. To activate scent, firmly push clip until you hear it click in. Clip onto your car vent and drive on with freshness. Control the scent intensity with the dial found on the top of each Car Vent Clip, for a range from light freshness to scent-tastic. Car vent clips work in virtually every vehicle-mom mobiles, commuter carpools, dog cars-with scents that beg for the windows to stay up. Sniff - Car vent clips last for up to 40 days, eliminating tough odors that tend to hitch a ride.

  • Brand Name: Febreze
  • Scent: Hawaiian Aloha
  • Product Type: Car Air Freshener
  • Container Size: 0.06 oz
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Number in Package: 2 pk
  • Packaging Type: Carded
  • Usable Life: 80 day

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