Fieldcrest Farms Nothin' to Hide Beef Grain Free Chews For Dogs 8 pk

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Nothin' To Hide Chews Are Highly Digestible Alternative To Rawhide. Available In A Wide Range Of Sizes And Shapes, Our Wholesome Chicken Coated Chews Are Sure To Offer A Safe, Flavorful Chewing Experience For Your Pets.

Our Flavored Rawhide Alternative Chew Provides A Long Lasting, Highly Digestible Chew For Your Pet
Easily Digestible For Safe And Reliable Enjoyment, 96% Digestible, 75% Protein A Low Fat , High Protein Chew, All Our Results Are Backed Up By Thorough Lab Testing
Chewing Helps Satisfy Your Pet'S Natural Desire To Chew, Chewing Also Promotes Strong Teeth And Healthy Gums, Chewing Occupies Your Pet And Curbs Destructive Behavior, Save Your Furniture And Your Shoes From Destructive Chewing
Our Process Utilizes Pure Human Grade Collagen, Reduces Joint Pain, Reduces Fat And Builds Lean Muscle, Improves Digestive Health, Boost Skin And Coat Health

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