Fluidmaster Dual Flush Converter


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The Fluidmaster Duo Flush System gives you a tool to help save more water than any other dual flush system on the market. The Dual Flush System retrofits into any 2 inch toilet tank and is proven to use up to 45 percent less water than the original tank parts. It also has been shown to improve flushing power on the full flush, so you will actually see better performance than before. It comes complete with a high performance PerforMAX toilet fill valve to insure consistent flushes every single time, and featuring 2X greater refill rates than standard designs. Also including a dual flush tank lever is included with this system, to make liquid and solid flushing simple and efficient.

  • Brand Name: Fluidmaster
  • Product Type: Dual Flush Converter
  • Hardware Included: No
  • Handles Included: Yes

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