Full Circle Neat Nut Medium Duty Scouring Pad For Multi-Purpose 5.5 in. L 3 pk


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Neat Nut Walnut Scour Pads Ever notice that walnuts look like little brains Pretty cool, what's more impressive is that their shells work as a natural abrasive to scrub surfaces without scratching. Now thats smart. Walnut shells, Walnut shells have serious scrubbing power but that doesn't help if you're allergic to nuts. Not to worry, these pads won't cause a reaction. Hand Wash, products like this do best with a thorough wash in warm, soapy water. Just let it dry thoroughly before using and you'll be ready to go, it's the little things that make a big difference. Most sponges and scour pads are made from petrochemical plastics, plant-based sponges are a sustainable choice because they use less energy to produce and completely break down when thrown away.

  • Brand Name: Full Circle
  • Sub Brand: Neat Nut
  • Sponge Scourer Type: Medium Duty
  • Product Type: Scouring Pad
  • Application: Multi-Purpose
  • Length: 5.5 in.
  • Number in Package: 3 pk
  • Color: Brown
  • Depth: .25 in.
  • Material: Cellulose/Walnut
  • Antibacterial: No
  • Width: 3.25 in.
  • Packaging Type: Carded

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