Grill Your Ass Off Infidel Pork Bar-B-Q Rub/Seasoning 10.5 oz


Sale price$20.96


This brown sugar, chipotle pepper mix will be sweet right as it hits your tongue followed up with the perfect amount of heat to make this your new staple in the spice cabinet. Season it generously on pork ribs, shoulders, roasts, bellies or tenderloin and make these pork cuts sing with the sweet and savoury flavour combination of spices in one rub.

  • Brand Name: Grill Your Ass Off
  • Sub Brand: Infidel
  • Flavor: Pork
  • Product Type: Bar-B-Q Rub/Seasoning
  • Container Size: 10.5 oz
  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Number of Servings per Package: 149

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