HTH Super Green to Blue Granule Shock System 7.2 lb

HTHSKU: 8303935

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Fight severe algae bloom and transform your swimming water from green to blue in 24 hours with this easy-to-use 2-step system. Pack 1 is a algae-fighting pool shock with Cal Hypo. Pack 2 is a powerful flocculant that drops particles to the floor for easy vacuuming. This Cal Hypo based formula transforms water from green to blue within 24 hours without adding cyanuric acid (CYA) to prevent overstabilization or chlorine lock. Compatible with all swimming pools.

  • Brand Name: HTH
  • Sub Brand: Super Green to Blue
  • Product Form: Granule
  • Product Type: Shock System
  • Product Group: Shock
  • Usage: Spa
  • Application: Shock
  • Container Size: 7.2 lb
  • Yes
  • Yes

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