Kreg Custom Plug Cutter Drill Guide Kit 3 pc

KREGSKU: 2014945

Sale price$95.49


Take your 700-Series Pocket-Hole Jig to the next level by creating custom plugs from any wood. With the Custom Plug Cutter Drill Guide Kit, you can hide prominent pocket holes in your projects with perfectly matched plugs made from any wood you choose. The Plug Cutter allows you to create face grain plugs that blend in amazingly well, whether the plugs are in line with the grain or they run across the grain. These face grain plugs blend in better than conventional plugs that have visible end-grain.

  • Brand Name: Kreg
  • Style: Custom Plug Cutter
  • Product Type: Drill Guide Kit
  • Number in Package: 3 pc
  • Material: Nylon/Steel/Thermoplastic
  • Usage: Creates custom wood plugs that fit standard-size Kreg pocket holes
  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Packaging Type: Clamshell
  • Jig Type: Drill

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