Lemi Shine Lemon Scent Gel Dishwasher Rinse Aid 8.45 oz 1 pk


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Bring back the shine with Lemi Shine natural rinse aid. Our shine and dry formula is powered by citric extracts resulting in naturally shiny dishes. Lemi Shine Rinse removes residual hard water deposits like iron, calcium, lime and rust during the final rinse cycle. Do you want perfect, spotless, streakless, speechless dishes and glassware? Add a natural rinse aid to your dishwashing routine. No need to run the heated dry cycle, which saves energy, money and time.

  • Brand Name: Lemi Shine
  • Scent: Lemon
  • Product Form: Gel
  • Product Type: Dishwasher Rinse Aid
  • Container Size: 8.45 oz
  • Number in Package: 1 pk
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Antibacterial: No
  • Concentrated: Yes
  • Packaging Type: Bottle

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