Lyric Finch Canary Grass Seed Wild Bird Food 5 lb

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Spring is the best time to feed birds. Flocks of goldfinches shed their dull feathers for a bright gold plumage. Attract these brilliant little birds with seeds suited to their preferences and bill size. Nyjer is traditionally used, but a variety of sunflower kernels and small yellow millet guarantees success for the spring goldrush. Finches' tiny bills are masterful at handling small seeds and pound for pound, Lyric Finch Mix is easier on the budget than straight nyjer.

  • Brand Name: Lyric
  • Bird Type: Finch
  • Primary Ingredient: Canary Grass Seed
  • Product Type: Wild Bird Food
  • Container Size: 5 lb
  • Other Ingredients: Canola seed-Nyjer seed-small golden millet-sunflower kernels
  • Packaging Type: Bagged

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