Meat Church Bird Baptism Brine Mix 20 oz

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Meat Church Bird Baptism Brine adds moisture and flavor to all your poultry. This was born from my competition chicken brine recipe. This is a great turkey brine and chicken brine. We recommend bringing in a food-safe container or brine bag for 1 hour per pound. The easiest thing to do is brine overnight. Rinse your poultry thoroughly after brining and pat completely dry. This is all you need to deliver a moist and juicy turkey. However, feel free to add whole black peppercorns, citrus slices or any herbs etc that you want to kick the flavor up to your liking.

  • Brand Name: Meat Church
  • Flavor: Bird Baptism
  • Product Type: Brine Mix
  • Container Size: 20 oz
  • Packaging Type: Bagged
  • Number of Servings per Package: pk
  • Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Spices & Granulated Garlic
  • Third Party Selling is Prohibited

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