Medina Hasta Grow Lawn All-Purpose Lawn Food For All Grasses 4000 sq ft

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HastaGro 12-4-8 Liquid Lawn Food is like getting a lawn care kit in a bottle. With this convenient ready-mix formulation, just attach a garden hose to the container to treat an average lawn in 10 minutes. HastaGro Lawn Food contains a blend of quality, natural lawn food supplements plus Medina Soil Activator and Humate Liquid Humus. Its great for a quick lawn green-up since the nutrients are absorbed by the leaves within minutes. Avoid the messes and chemical hazards of harsh fertilizers. Give your lawn a HastaGro Lawn Food treatment.

  • Brand Name: Medina
  • Sub Brand: Hasta Grow Lawn
  • Fertilizer Analysis (N-P-K): 12-4-8
  • Primary Usage: All-Purpose
  • Product Type: Lawn Food
  • Grass Type: All Grasses
  • Coverage Area: 4000 sq ft
  • Organic: No
  • Suitable for Vegetables: No
  • Water Soluble: No
  • Packaging Type: Hose End Spray Bottle
  • Application Season: Multi Season
  • Size of Lawn: Small (4000 sq ft or less)
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Container Size: 32 oz
  • Application Conditions: Dry/Wet

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