Monkey Hook Value & Variety Pack Galvanized Silver Monkey Picture Hanging Set 40 lb 30 pk


Sale price$28.80


This Monkey Hook item provides value and variety in one package. It contains 10 Original, Flush-Mount and Gorilla-Grade Monkey Hook varieties and comes with 2 'Perfect Install' guides to ensure your installation occurs at a perfect 90-degree for optimal performance. All Monkey Hook items are designed to install in drywall where there is no stud, in just seconds and with NO TOOLS. The Original Monkey Hook is for hanging most items, the Gorilla Grade twice as thick, so it holds more weight and is ideal for hanging those larger items like big mirrors, sconces and heavier Wall Dr, and the Flush-Mount is your choice when mounting items like plaques or other wall decor which feature saw-tooth or key-hole mounting hardware.

  • Brand Name: HILLMAN
  • Sub Brand: Value & Variety Pack
  • Finish: Galvanized
  • Color: Silver
  • Hook Type: Monkey
  • Product Type: Picture Hanging Set
  • Capacity: 40 lb
  • Number in Package: 30 pk
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Packaging Type: Boxed

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